Index Update Utility in HFM

Oracle provides an index utility that is designed to inspect the indexes on the database tables for most versions of the Oracle/Hyperion Financial Management software.  The utility is designed to examine the indexes on the database tables and compare them against the required indexes to see if any changes should be made.

The utility can be used after a database migration, database restore or some other tasks where the validity of the indexes may be in question.  The utility can also be used to generate indexes creation scripts for a DBA to use to migrate the indexes to separate tablespaces to improve HFM’s database performance.

It can also be used to repair an issue that may have been caused by certain versions of the HFM Copy Application utility..  The Index Update utility can identify and correct the indexes on affected tables.

The utility operates in three modes:

  • The first is to examine the existing database table indexes on an HFM application and generate a report outline any potential problems that may exist.
  • The second option will generate a report and a file of SQL commands to drop and recreate any possibly missing or incorrect indexes.
  • The third form generates a report and instantly executes the commands to drop/recreate indexes.




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