Data Audit – PBCS

  • Can it be enabled for specific intersections of dimensions only?
    No, you cannot audit intersections of dimensions. these are the supported audit features:
    – Dimension hierarchy: adding a member or dimension, moving, deleting, changing properties, renaming a member or dimension
    – Performance settings: resetting a dimension’s dense or sparse setting, changing the order of dimensions
    – Currencies: adding or deleting currencies, setting a triangulation or reporting currency
    – Updates by utilities that affect Planning (such as importing data form designs with the ImportFormDefinition utility)
  • Can it be defined to store log files and delete them after a defined time?
    All the maintenance backup is done by the cloud team including the data backups.
  • If there is already a defined length of time that the logs are kept, what is this?
    Snapshots of the whole environments are taken. Cloud systems and different from on premises environment. In the cloud, you do not have access to the logs unless there are issues and in that case support will deal with it with the cloud team.
  • What are impacts to the application and performance of enabling data audit?
    Auditing will have an impact on performance and as the cloud does not allow heavy auditing then that performance impact is limited. Note at this point that the auditing table is not accessible to the customer as it is the case for on premise environments hence the enhancement request to allow accessibility from the UI to the auditing table.

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