CALC ALL, CALC DIM and AGG in Essbase

It consolidates the database values ignoring all member formulas.
It works on the sparse dimensions.
It is faster than CALC for less than 6 consolidation levels.

Syntax: AGG (Dimension list);

It calculates and aggregates entire outline database based on Outline.
Order of the calculation depends upon the characteristics of the dimensions in the outline.

Syntax: CALC ALL;

It calculates and aggregate values for all members in the specified dimensions.
Order of the calculation based on the Sparse and Dense types.
Ex : CALC DIM(dense1,sparse2,dense3,sparse4) then the order of the calculation is dense1,dense3,sparse2,sparse4.
If at all you want to specify your own order use separate function for each dimension.
CALC DIM(dense1);
CALC DIM(sparse2);
CALC DIM(dense3);
CALC DIM(sparse4);

Syntax : CALC DIM(dimension);


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