ODI – view FDMEE Scheduled tasks

Follow the below steps to view FDMEE tasks.

1.) Open ODI Studio and click Connect To Repository.
2.) From the login screen, click the green Plus sign.
3.) Enter a name for the Login (can be anything).
4.) ODI Connection User is SUPERVISOR.
5.) Enter ODI Connection Password.
6.) Master Repository User is the FDMEE database username.
7.) Choose Microsoft SQL Server Datadirect Driver from the Drive List dropdown.
8.) Enter the URL: jdbc:weblogic:sqlserver://<db host>;databaseName=<database name>.
9.) Select Work Repository radio button and click the magnifying icon, then select desired FDMEE repository.
10.) Click the Test button (if you do not see “Successful Connection” the information provided is incorrect). Click OK, and then OK one more time.
11.) The log in screen should be visible again at this point. Select the Login Name created and press OK to log in to your FDMEE Work Repository.
12.) Click on the Operator tab in ODI Studio.
13.) Expand the Scheduling selection in the Operator tab.
14.) Expand the All Schedules selection to view scheduled tasks in ODI.
15.) Expand Scheduling under your scheduled batch.
16.) Right click OracleDIAgent and click Open.
17.) This screen will show the scheduled times/dates of which it should run.




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