How to Schedule Business Rules in Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)?

You can use EPM Automate to schedule calculations. The installer can be downloaded from menu Tools > Install > EPM Automate.

You can find information on how to utilize this tool by executing help as a parameter once you have installed the tool:

C:\Oracle\EPM Automate\bin>epmautomate help

Thsi will open the following web page:


For Business Rules Automation:

C:\Oracle\EPM Automate\bin>epmautomate runbusinessrule help

Usage: epmautomate runbusinessrule “rulename” “planType=plan type name” “parameter1=value1” “parameter2=value2”

rulename Name of the business rule defined in the cloud service

Syntax: “RollupUSSales”

plan type name planType indicates a constant and ‘plan type name’ is the name of the plan type to which the business rule is deployed against.

Syntax: “planType=plan1”

parameters <optional> Run time prompts required by the business rule. You can add any number of parameters as a name value pair.
Syntax: “Period=Q1” “Entity=USA”

C:\Oracle\EPM Automate\bin>


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