EPM with Mozilla Firefox Browser

Hi All,

I am getting a lot of queries regarding EPM to work on IE 11 or some other supported browser. IE11 will not work with but you can start using Mozilla Firefox to work with it.

Below steps need to be performed in case the user has to work with Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Uninstalled Mozilla Firefox if already installed.
  2. Uninstalled Smart view if already installed.
  3. Install Mozilla (38.0.1) version latest.
  4. Add extension XUL Manager and URL for EPM , Close Mozilla browser.
  5. Install smart view now.
  6. Open Mozilla and after opening this time it will ask for the below add-in to enable. Select Allow installation.Mozilla Firefox
  7. If in case Addin is already installed you might check in Add OnsMozilla Firefox1
  8. In addons if you see Oracle Smartview as Disabled state and you are not able to enable it . click on more Information.Mozilla Firefox2
  9. Clicking on More information will open a new tab.  Go to the end of the page.Mozilla Firefox3Open a new tab and type about:config in URL.

    Then search for xpinstall.signatures.required and change the setting to false.Mozilla Firefox4

  10. Open EPM Workspace and get forms and data exported in Smart view and all functionality working as per Internet explorer – version9.

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