Execute an ODI Scenario Using Startscen.sh Using a J2EE Agent

A third party scheduler should be used to schedule ODI jobs and not the ODI scheduler. There is already a J2EE agent deployed in an Application Server like WebLogic Server. How to avoid having to create another standalone type agent and to use the existing J2EE agent?

This is particularly important with products like Bi Apps and FDMEE that come with a J2EE agent out of the box.

For ODI 11g

Install Standalone Agent scripts

    1. Install the Standalone Agent in a new <ODI_HOME>
    2. Edit odiparams file with repository information. Make sure the work ODI_SECU_WORK_REP points to the correct work repository
    3. Restart the Agent.
    4. Execute from command line:
 $ODI_HOME/oracledi/agent/bin/. startscen.sh scenario_name version CONTEXT -NAME=OracleDIAgent -AGENT_URL=http://hostname:J2EEagentPort/oraclediagent

For ODI 12c

Extend the J2EE Agent domain with the Standalone Colocated agent scripts

    1. Run the config.sh from $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin
    2. Select the option to extend the domain.
    3. Select “Oracle Data Integrator – Standalone Collocated Agent – [odi]
    4. Keep clicking next until you get the last screen to update the domain. Once completed, the scripts will be created under the existing WLS domain.
    5. Edit the file $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/domains/base_domain/config/fmwconfig/components/ODI/OracleDIAgent/instance.properties to include the correct work repository in ODI_SECU_WORK_REP
    6. Restart the Agent.
    7. Execute from command line:
$MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/domains/base_domain/bin/. startscen.sh scenario_name version CONTEXT -INSTANCE=OracleDIAgent -NAME=MyJ2EEAgentName

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