Hyperion Planning System Audit information

As an EPM System Administrator, what are the monitoring options in the Planning System?

From the Weblogic Server Administrators point of view, there is a built in Oracle Entreprise Manager 11g Fusion Middleware Control deployed with your install if Weblogic is used.
From the windows start machine (on the deployment server) -> All Programs -> Oracle Weblogic -> User Projects -> EPMSystem and run the ‘Start Admin Server for Weblogic Server’
One it is loaded, login to the following url http://Servername:7001/em
You can use this tool to check the load on each deployment and setup your alerts. See the OEM documentation for further details (you can use the Enterprise Manager help for details).


From the Database Administrators point of view they can monitor using the database tools.

Use the tracing tools available at database level as all activities are stored in the database.

From the Planning Adminstrators point of view the auditing can be enabled for Planning users.

1. Login to the Planning application that you would like to enable auditing for, as an Administrator
2. Select Administration -> Reporting
3. Select Auditing Tab
4. Select the component(s) you want auditing

The following options are available for auditing

Dimension Administration
Alias Table Administration
Launch Business Rules
Data Form Definition
Data Form Folder Administration
Copy Version
Users Administration
Groups Administration
Task List
Copy Data
Clear Cell Details

5. Select Save Selections
6. Restart Planning Web Service to activate changes
7. In the Planning Application RDBMs the HSP_AUDIT_RECORDS is where the audit records will be written to.

NOTE: From onwards, the Auditing option in Planning is moved to this location:
Tools -> Reports -> Auditing Tab


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