FDMEE Open Interface Adapter – Updating ODi Project

Looking for a run down of how to update the Open Inteface project in order to add custom interfaces to load the AIF_OPEN_INTERFACE table.

All documentation says to:
– copy the ODI project and rename
– update the link in FDMEE for project code

All of the variables in the copied project fail since they still reference the original project. Is there instructions on how to successfully update the copied project?

Before following these steps, perform a backup of your existing work repository. Also backup your custom project
and model.
1) Create a new work repository with a new ID, say 900. This will be your development repository where you will perform
all customizations. If you already maintain a separate repository for customization, skip to step 4.
2) Export (Open Interface) Model and Project from FDMEE repository.
3) Import above Model into your dev repository (ID=900) in INSERT mode, followed by import of your Project.
4) Renumber your dev repository from 900 (or existing ID) to say 901 (topology -> repository -> right click to see
option). This is needed to have all objects tagged by ID 901. This will be your final dev repository ID where you
will perform customization work.
5) Export Model and Project from dev repository 901 as and when needed e.g. certain customization work is complete.
6) Import Model and then Project in INSERT mode to your target repository e.g. FDMEE repository where you want
customization to run.

Please perform any further customization on your dev repository (ID=901) and export to target/FDMEE repository as mentioned above.




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