How To Substitute Essbase Alias “Product – Default” in OBIEE Repository

In order to use Essbase Aliases on BIEE Answer, make sure that 2 setting is configured appropriately in the repository.

1.The length of “Physical Cube – Product – Default” should be appropriate (ex. VARCHAR 128).

1-1. Launch BI Administration Tool, and navigate Tools > Query Repository

1-2. Search the “Type: Physical Cube Column” for “Product – Default.”


1-3. Change the Length from 0 to appropriate value such as 128.


1-4. Press OK.

2.Product dimension should have Aliases created on the physical layer.

2-1. Right Click on Product Dimension, Create Columns for Alias Table.


2-2. Select an alias for “Default”


The above procedure will work for substituting “Product – Long Names”, “Product – Member_Name” , or other Essbase members.



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