How To Use the Essbase Cluster Name as a Location for Business Rules

How can we run a Business Rule against an Essbase location using the Essbase cluster name (“EssbaseCluster-1” by default) rather than the name of a particular Essbase server? This does not work in the EAS console or from the command line.

When using the CmdLnLauncher.bat utility to launch a rule from the command line we receive an error:

Launch Vars: {ExecDB=Essbase/EssbaseCluster-1/COREFY13/HypImmo}
com.hyperion.hbr.excp.ExceptionAdapter: Error generating calc script: 01_BR_KM_CalcFXRate_Budget_4
at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(
at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(
at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance(
at com.hyperion.hbr.common.Util.getExcpAdapter(Unknown Source)
at com.hyperion.hbr.core.LanguageManagerServerRemote.generateExecutable(Unknown Source)
at com.hyperion.hbr.api.LanguageManagerClient.generateExecutable(Unknown Source)
at com.hyperion.hbr.cmdlnlauncher.LaunchManager.launchRule(Unknown Source)
at com.hyperion.hbr.cmdlnlauncher.CmdLineLauncher.main(Unknown Source)
Detail:Error connecting to Essbase server EssbaseCluster-1.

Detail:Exception occurred. Please check your log file for details.

Error generating calc script: 01_BR_KM_CalcFXRate_Budget_4
2012-02-16 17:56:33,506 WARN main com.hyperion.hbr.cmdlnlauncher.CmdLineLauncher – Error generating calc script: 01_BR_KM_CalcFXRate_Budget_4

The “EssbaseCluster-1” cluster name is not being resolved correctly. How can this be addressed?

To use the cluster name (rather than an individual Essbase server name) as a location when launching Business Rules from the EAS console or the CmdLnLauncher, you first need to create an file (or edit it if it already exists) so that the “EssbaseCluster-1” name can be resolved successfully.

  1. Create a new text file called “” on the EAS server in the following location:

    (If the file already exists, edit it)

  2. Add the following line in this file:

    (Replace “vm0dacarter61” with the name of the server where Hyperion Provider Services is running. If you are using a non-standard port amend as appropriate)

  3. Restart the EAS service
  4. Ensure that the Hyperion Provider Services service is running. Since the file directs EAS to contact Provider Services to resolve the cluster name, Provider Services must be running for this to work.

This solution is also documented in the Business Rules readme:




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