EPMA is dead, long live EPMA! EPMA is dead or is it?

Yesterday I received one of those phone a friend calls regarding a rumor about “EPMA won’t be part of”

This must be a hot-button topic since I received a crazy fast response from my Oracle contacts.

Interestingly EPMA got a bad rep (rightly so) due to some pretty bad issues in earlier releases.  As of and later it is quite mature and stable.

So the rumor is a bit of a trick statement since:

  1. Oracle has stated Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPMA) is not the strategic direction.
  2. Oracle has stated EPMA is not being actively enhanced.
  3. Oracle has publicly stated the next “Hyperion” release is EPM 12 not — now things could change however is not on a release map at this time.
  4. My contacts who are very well placed state EPMA will be part of EPM 12


So what does this mean?

  • You don’t need hurry and remove EPMA from your environment in prep for future upgrades.
  • I would not suggest putting effort into EPMA data integrations; definitely look at FDMEE or other techniques.
  • EPMA will still require IIS and Windows — EPMA is not being ported from an ASP.NET solution to Java; therefore won’t be part of Oracle’s EPM Cloud nor a core part of Exalytics deployments.


Parting thoughts:

We believe the forth coming Dimension Management Cloud Services Solution is something to look at closely for future needs.

If you do decide to use EPMA make sure you have thought about the other potential solutions and have a good rationalization for this tool.

Think hard about your use cases for future deployments; if you are headed to the clouds like many realize there will be no EPMA.

Although EPMA is not the strategic direction it does offer some capabilities such as being able to rename members in HFM which are not accomplished in other avenues.




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