Set Disk Volumes ( Specify storage drive) on an Essbase Database

In Essbase Administration Services (EAS) go to the Database Properties and select the Storage Tab.

To add a new volume or to change values for a previously allocated volume:

1. In the Disk Volume text box, enter the volume name or select a previously allocated volume.

Note that you can only add volumes that are internal discs – shared Network drives do NOT show up as an option and it is not recommended to use shared network drives to store the data of an Essbase Database

2. Specify Partition Size.
– Partition Size represents the maximum space that Hyperion Essbase uses on the volume. The default value is Unlimited; the minimum is 8,192 kilobytes.

3. Specify File Type.
– You can specify index files, data files, or both. The default is Index + Data.

4. Specify File Size.
-File Size represents the maximum size that a file specified in File Type can attain before Hyperion Essbase creates a new file. The default value is 2 GB (2097152 kilobytes); the minimum value is 8,192 kilobytes.

5. Click Set.

6. Stop and restart the database.

If the database is already loaded with data then .pag and .ind files already exist. These files will stay within the \Essbase\app\appname\dbname directory. The above process will only span “new” .pag and .ind files. If the intention is to have ALL .pag and .ind moved then the following will need to be done after the above spanning values are set:

1. Export the data.

2. Clear the database.

3. Stop and restart the database.

4. Reload the data.

5. Recalculate the database.

Forcing a restructure should also move the existing .pag and .ind files to the new location.




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