Hyperion Planning and Essbase Provisioning and User Types in Essbase

If you provision a user for an Essbase role in Shared Services and then do a refresh from the Essbase Administration Services (EAS) Console, the user will appear as type “Essbase”.

If you also provision them for a Planning role in Shared Services but you do not log into Planning before doing a refresh in the EAS Console, they will also show up as type “Essbase”. When you do log into Planning, the user will change to a type “Essbase and Planning”.

If you log into Planning before you do a refresh in EAS, the user will be listed as type “Planning”. Even if you have given them Essbase roles too. Further refreshes will not change this. If you want the user type listed as “Essbase and Planning”, the key is doing the EAS refresh before the Planning login.

If you are provisioning users directly, this is only a display issue, and will not make any difference to what your users can actually do. If you give them Essbase roles they will be able to use them, even if the table says “Planning”.

However, you can run into problems with groups. If you assign Essbase and Planning roles via a group then you must do the EAS refresh, or your users won’t get the Essbase roles. This is because Planning does not create groups in Essbase but instead creates each user in a provisioned group.

For example:

1. Group1 contains User1, User2, User3
2. Group1 is provisioned as Planner for PlanApp1.
3. You log into Planning with User1
4. At this point, User1, User2 and User3 are added to the Planning relational database in the HSP_USERS table. Group1 is added in the HSP_GROUPS table. Also at this point User1, User2 and User3 are added as users of type “Planning” in Essbase. But Group1 is not added in Essbase. This is just the way that Planning works. It handles group membership internally and does not create groups in Essbase.
5. If you assign Analytic Server access rights via Group1 you will need to do an EAS refresh, at which point the group gets created in Essbase. At this point it should work. Your user type will still be listed as “Planning” because you did the Planning login before the AAS refresh, but it should work.


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