Hyperion Planning “Grid Spreading” vs. “Mass Allocate” Features



Create a scenario that is valid from August to December

Refresh the Essbase database

Create a data form with the following column selection

In Page select the scenarios:

The data form with the correct scenario shows the correct cells for data entry:

The data form does not show the immediate children of the YearTotal member. Since grid spreading spreads from parent to children and so on until the level 0 members, spreading will not work here as quarters (the immediate children of YearTotal) are not displayed on the data form.


Clicking on spread does not spread the value across, as explained above:

Modify the data form to display quarters in order to make spreading work:

Note: The above applies to any dimension used with grid spreading.


When using “Mass Allocate” to do the spreading, the Planning user (even if they are already the application owner) needs to be provisioned with the “Mass Allocation” role in Shared Services.

Enable Mass Allocation on the webform:

Select the cell that will contain the value to be spread:

Note that using “Mass Allocate” in such a situation will spread the value across all children, even those that are read only. This is because Mass Allocate writes directly to Essbase, bypassing existing security filters. This is why a separate Mass Allocation” role must be assigned in Shared Services before you can use it.


Use Grid Spreading if you need to spread values whilst respecting the existing read only/writeable security settings on a form. In order to allow Grid Spreading, you must ensure that all generations of the members you want to spread from exist on the form.


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