Troubleshooting XREF and Partitioning Errors “msg from remote site”, Including Error Codes: 1023040, 1042003, 1200467

Troubleshooting XREF and partitioning errors from various sources.

“Error (1023040) msg from remote site [%s]”

Error (1023040) msg from remote site [%s] indicates that either a partition or an XREF formula has a problem.

Step 1) Check the Application log file for the complete error message.

Step 2) Identify the included source error from below list:


Error / Symptom Reason / solution
… [Error(1042003) Network Error [11001]: Unable To Locate [] In Hosts File] DNS lookup problem, or incorrect servername given

– the host used in XREF or in partitioning may not be available from the referencing server.

– adding/correcting this server to the hosts file of the Essbase Server may resolve the problem

…Error (1200467) Error executing formula for [membername]: status code [1042003] in function [@_XREF] see above
…Error (1030009) Name too long (Name) in ESSAPI function EssLogin

– has been identified as unpublished BUG 6552026.
In this case it occurs ONLY when logged into EAS Console with an external authenticated user, but NOT in MaxL shell or when logged into EAS Console using a native admin user.


  1. Login to the EAS Console with a native admin user rather than an external user
  2. Create the partition using the MaxL Shell.

(As of BugDB 01/25/2011 this is fixed in version

…Error (1200467) Error executing formula for [%s]: status code [1051012] in function [@_XREF]


…[Error(1051012) User xxxxx does not exist]

Error 1051012 is : “User %s does not exist”

– make sure the user used in the location alias for the current XREF or partition does exist and the credentials are valid

…[Error(1051005) incorrect password] Error 1051005 indicates that the password used in this partition or XREF is incorrect.

– correct the password

…Error(1040048) HTTP communication failed with error [Couldn’t connect to server] Workaround:

Delete the {dbname}.ddb and recreate the partition

Hyperion Planning section
OLAP_error (1023040): msg from remote site (Error(1051440) Essbase user (%s)
Authentication fails against the Shared Services Server with Error [50:1005: Authentication failed for user . Enter valid credentials]
the username and password associated with the datasource used by this Planning application has been changed


How to modify / correct the information in the location alias to ensure it is pointing to the right location

  1. Connect to the Essbase Administration Services (EAS) console
  2. Locate the application and database under Essbase Servers.
  3. Right click on <databasename> and select EDIT => LOCATION ALIASES
  4. Review the location aliases, paying particular attention to the usernames and passwords
    that have been used – update them if necessary.

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