How to Enable Smart View Logging?

Smartview logs we generally require for our audit purpose and some time to raise an issue with Oracle.

Follow below steps.

  1. Office 2003: Point to Hyperion -> Options
    Office 2007 and above: Choose the Options button in the SmartView ribbon
  2. SmartView versions prior to 11.1.2: Select the Display tab
    SmartView 11.1.2 and above: Select Advanced
  3. In the ‘Log Messages’ or ‘Logging’ section, select ‘Route Messages to File’
  4. Enter a valid filename, e.g. C:\SmartViewLog.txt
  5. Unless directed otherwise by Support, select Information. In SmartView 11.1.2 and above, this is in the Log Message Display drop-down menu.
  6. Choose OK.

Now reproduce the problem and any error messages. Close Excel and attach the file (e.g. C:\SmartViewLog.txt) to your SR. Afterwards, either disable logging or change the logging level to ‘Error’ (see step 5 above) to ensure good performance.


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