OBIEE 12c : How To Use Session Variable

How to configure a custom dashboard as the default page when users login to Answers in OBIEE 12c?

Make sure ‘Default Dashboard’ is set to ‘Default’ in the ‘My Account’ link.

1. Login as Administrator.
Create a new Dashboard by clicking New> Dashboard from the menu items

2. Enter
Name = Test3
Location = /Shared Folders/_portal/Dashboards

3.Add the required reports and prompts on the dashboard page and save it.
4. Click on Catalog menu. Navigate to Shared Folders > _portal > Test3.
Click More > Properties for the page1 in the right window. Copy the Location value ‘/shared/_portal/Test3’.

5. Click More > Permissions. Set Open/Read permissions for Authenticated User and BI Consumer roles.
6. Open the Admin tool in online node.
7. Click Manage > Variables
8 Create new Session variable initialization block. Name = SET_PORTALPATH
9. Click Edit Data Source
Select Data Source Type = Database
Select Use OBIEE Server
10. Set the Variable Target
Default Initializer = ‘/shared/_portal/Test3’
11. Save and check in changes
12. Login to OBIEE as Administartor.
Navigate to Admin Screen.
13. Click Reload Files and Metadata
14. Test login with other users and make sure the custom page shows up first.


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