Import ODI Objects From Older Versions

Is it possible to export ODI objects from previous release and import them in ODI newer release?

For example: export ODI 10g objects and import them in ODI (or from to etc …)

If so, how can this be performed?

It is technically possible to import ODI older objects into ODI Repositories or higher version, using:

  • The Smart Export / Smart Import feature, or
  • Export / Import of Topology and Security components in the form of XML export files, or
  • Export / Import of Work Repository versionable components, such as:
    • Models and Model Folders,
    • Projects, and Project Folders
    • Packages
    • Scenarios
    • Integration Interfaces
    • Procedures and Knowledge Modules
    • Sequences
    • User Functions
    • Variables
    • Solutions
    • Load Plans
The full import of a Master Repository though is not supported, and would lead to issues such as the one described in Note 1674134.1 – “This action is forbidden. Master repositories must be upgraded” Signaled When Attempting To Import Components Into ODI Repositories Rather Than Upgrading.

Such operations are supported but not recommended as full update will always bring more benefits such as KM bug fixes.

Also, additional restrictions concern the version of ODI from where objects are exported, and into where they are imported:

To ODI 10g To ODI 11g To ODI 12c
From ODI 10g Yes Yes (1) No
From ODI 11g No Yes Yes (2) (3)
From ODI 12c No No Yes


(1) The import from ODI 10g to ODI 11g requires at minimum ODI to be used.
For moving from ODI and older to ODI 11g, a preliminary/intermediate upgrade/import to ODI (or ODI is required.

(2) The import from ODI 11g to ODI 12c requires at minimum ODI to be used.

(3) Due to the introduction of GLOBAL_IDs, the import from previous version requires an Upgrade Key be specified in order to be able to generate consistent GLOBAL_ID values for the objects as they are upgraded before they are imported.




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