Essbase Auditing Feature To Report Users Currently Logged Into The System

Does Essbase have an auditing feature to report on the users currently logged into the system?

The Generate Log Charts/Log Analyzer feature on EAS can be used to generate a chart based on the Essbase log entries.

To enable Log Analyzer:

1.  In EAS, right click on the Essbase Server and select “Generate log charts”.
2.  Right click on the Essbase server once again and now select “View” -> Log Charts.
3.  There will be a dropdown for View by Filter and select the value “Logged users”.
4.  Click on the refresh button to refresh the entries displayed.

Other options to retrieve user login details:

1.  Check the Essbase log files for login information.
2.  Use the GETUSERINFO command via ESSCMD to retrieve the last login information.
3.  The LISTLOGINS command in Esscmd will provide a listing of currently logged in users.

In the essbase.cfg file setting PERSISTUSERATLOGIN TRUE adds the user to the security file, and tracks user information (such as the time the user last logged into Essbase) and named connections.

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