Hyperion Planning – Steps to Clear the EPM Oracle Instance Temporary Directories

This document is to provide information and recommendations on clearing the TMP and CACHE directories.

Each time an import or export occurs, Planning generates temporary files which are placed in the EPM Oracle Instance tmp directory. These files are not deleted, and over time, they can build up and affect performance. Oracle recommends that you periodically clear the EPM Oracle Instance tmp directory.

This is also recommended after upgrades and patches are applied.

Clearing the TMP directory may help resolve issues similar to the following:

  • Blank page while accessing Planning directly: (http://plan_server:8300/HyperionPlanning/)
  • Blank page while opening Planning Administration from within WorkSpace
  • “Internal Server Error” while opening Calculation Manager from within Workspace


Please follow the steps below to clear the temporary files and folders:

1. Shutdown EPM services.

2. On Foundation Server delete folders:

3. On Planning Server delete folders:


4. Restart EPM services.
5. Clear browser cache and retest.




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