Planning Forms Error: “Because of inactivity, your session has timed out and is no longer Active Click Ok to reload the page.”

When user has multiple planning sessions of the application is opened they encounter the error below:

Because of inactivity, your session has timed out and is no longer Active Click Ok to reload the page.

This is a known behavior.

ADF maintains a fixed set of session tokens on client side and if user launches multiple pop-ups in app, they will run into this error.

This should not cause any functional loss – user can click OK on message pop-up and it should re-load the page.

To get past the error message you can bump up CLIENT_STATE_MAX_TOKENS  modify web.xml within HyperionPlanning.ear


Please perform the below mentioned action plan  ,

1) Navigate to C:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products/Planning/AppServer/InstallableApps/Common/) here you will find a HyperionPlanning.ear file

2) Using a 7zip utility open this archive and navigate to \HyperionPlanning.war\WEB-INF\

the patch in the 7zip will look like “C:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\Planning\AppServer\InstallableApps\Common\HyperionPlanning.ear\HyperionPlanning.war\WEB-INF\”

3) in this location you will find a Web.xml file

4) Apply the solution Edit Web.xml

Look for below parameter

Change it to


Save the changes

5) When you exit the 7zip it will say the archive is modified and will ask to save the changes please save the changes

6) Delete existing weblogic deployment /tmp folder for Planning, re-starting services and checking the behavior.

Please ensure to try this on either QA/Dev/Test environment first.

Please note setting property value to a high value will result in caching of too many session tokens on client side and they need to evaluate performance impact




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