FDMEE – Export the ODI Operator Log from the ODI Console


I am frequently getting this query for Below solution

This is a simple procedure that can be carried out by anyone who has access to the ODI console and knows the username and password for the ODI Console.

  1. Logon to the ODI Console by going to http://server:19000/odiconsole in a web browser (where server is the server where FDMEE is installed).
  2. Expand ‘Runtime’, then expand ‘Sessions/Load Plan Executions’ and you should be able to see the ODI sessions that have been run.
  3. Click on ‘Sessions/Load Plan Executions’ & then click the ‘Export’ icon (a small white square with a blue arrow pointing upwards on the ‘Browse’ tab).

Show the Operator logs

4. In the ‘Export Log’ screen, select a date and time for the ‘From’ and ‘To’ values that match when the FDMEE process started and finished (so that only a relevant subset of the logs are exported).

Set date filters for the export

5. Click the export button and you will get logs.




FDMEE Automated Batch Loads Time Out

In Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) automated batch loads time out.

There are two most likely causes of this issue:

  • Batch timeout setting not defined or insufficient in system and/or application settings in the FDMEE application
  • Stuck thread timeout setting needs increasing in the ErpIntegrator0 managed server (weblogic)

To increase the batch timeout setting in the FDMEE application:

  1. Navigate to Data Management from EPM workspace.
  2. From the Setup tab, and then under Configure, select System Settings.
  3. In System Settings, from Profile Type, select Other.
  4. Define a timeout value for the “Batch timeout in minutes” setting.

To increase the Stuck Thread timeout settting in the ErpIntegrator0 managed server in weblogic:

  1. Navigate to weblogic admin console.
  2. Under domain structure, expand Environment and choose servers.
  3. Choose ErpIntegrator0 from the servers list.
  4. Under configuration, choose tuning.
  5. Choose Lock & Edit to modify the setting value.
  6. Increase the Stuck Thread Max time value. The value is in seconds. By default it will be 600 seconds (5 minutes).
  7. Choose activate configuration so that the settings take effect.
  8. Restart FDMEE service.

Hope this helps.