Smartview Common issues – Master blog Part-1

I came across so many errors and fixed those , may be helpful for all my friends.

Issue- Smart View Not Submitting Data to Essbase Application/Database

Solution – Using an existing Excel workbook that contains data, when you connect to an Essbase application/database and “Submit” the data, the data is not submitted. You have to do either an “Adhoc Analysis” or a “Refresh” first, which then overwrites the data.  According to the Smart View User’s Guide: For Essbase connections, you can submit data without first refreshing.

For example:

1. User A with Smart View creates spreadsheet Smart View Grid.

2. User B who does not have Smart View modifies the spreadsheet with new data.

3. User A tries to submit data through Smart View without doing an Ad-hoc Analysis or Refresh.  Data is not submitted.

This issue has been submitted as both an Unpublished bug and Enhancement Request: At this time there is no workaround to this issue.  Changes are being made to the “Submit” data in a future release of Smart View.  There is no release date assigned yet. 

Issue – Unable To Copy/Paste Cells from One Worksheet to Another in SmartView

Solution – SmartView versions 11.1.2.x will not allow copy and pasting of any cell from one worksheet to another in MS Office Excel 2007.  This also occurs with Excel Macros that copy and paste that had worked prior to upgrading Smart View.The SmartView setting of  “Improve Metadata Storage” was disabled.
When disabling the Improve Metadata Storage setting, a copy is generated and kept in shapes which are required by older SmartView versions. This option should be disabled only in the case of workbook backward compatibility (older than

From the SmartView menu within Excel go to SmartView -> Options -> Select Advanced section on the left -> Compatibility section on the right -> then check the box “Improve Metadata Storage. Once this option is enabled for the workbook, copy and paste should be able to work. Open and close Excel and retry the copy and paste.

Another way to copy metadata from the grid on another worksheet to the current worksheet:

1.  Select the SmartView tab in Excel
2.  Select the More icon
3.  Select Import Metadata

Issue – In Smart View, the Undo Menu Item is Disabled After Changing the Alias Table
Solution – The Undo function for Smart View in Excel is disabled after changing the alias table.Steps to reproduce the behaviour:

1.  Connect to Essbase from Smart View in Excel.
2.  Select Sample | Basic for Adhoc Analysis.
3.  Change Market to West.  The Undo function is enabled.
4.  Change Alias table from Default to None,  the Undo function is disabled.

This is expected behavior.  When the alias table is changed, the grid and alias table are out of sync.

Issue-Hyperion Essbase SmartView Displays “#Invalid Intersection” when Data Points are Created with Member AND Alias Names in the Sheet

Solution – SmartView against Hyperion Essbase displays “#Invalid Intersection” for “Copy Data Points” while Member name & Alias are selected for member display.

SmartView can not create data points when both Member names and Aliases are displayed in the sheet.

From version on SmartView will display a warning for this behaviour.

Warning: “Copy/Paste Data Point does not work properly with Member name and Alias option.”


Issue – SmartView Member Selection Does not Find Existing Member

Solution – In version SmartView Member search does not find existing member. when trying to find a member using member name in Member Selection window of SmartView.
While entering the member name its neither showing the member nor providing an error.

For Members having an alias:

1. If the Alias table is set to “None” it is not possible to find that member.

2. If the Alias table is set to “default”, it is possible to find that member.

3. With a Member that does not have any alias, it is possible to find that member.

This issue exists in version and but not in SmartView

The cause of this problem has been identified and verified in unpublished Bug 12913916 – UNABLE TO FIND MEMBERS IN SMARTVIEW USING MEMBER SELECTION OPTION.

Issue –  SmartView ‘Add New Server’ Option Does Not Appear

Solution – When Installed SmartView or After connecting to Shared Services through Shared Connections, the ‘Add New Server’ Option is missing from the drop down list next to the Server box. Analytic Provider Services was configured after Shared Services, and the Shared Services Application Server was updated.

To resolve the issue in EPM v11.1.2.0 and EPM, follow these steps:

1. Stop the Analytic Provider Server and Foundation Services.

2. Open the EPM System Configurator through Start -> All Programs -> Oracle EPM System -> Foundation Services -> EPM System Configurator.

3. Expand Hyperion Foundation and only tick the option ‘Deploy to Application Server’

4. Click Next through the Configurator until complete.

5. Restart the Foundation and Analytic Provider Server Services.

6. Open Excel, connect to the Shared Connections and check for the ‘Add New Server’ option, which should now be visible.

After redeploying, re-run the EPM System Configurator again and run the “Configure Web Server” again.

Issue – Add Server Option Missing for Shared Connections in SmartView

Solution – Add server option under Essbase in SmartView is missing for Shared Connection. Private connection works fine. This may be in During configuration it did not update all the required files.

Step 1 : Log into Shared services > Choose Application group->Foundation->Deployment Metadata->Shared Services Registry->Essbase-> And locate APS LWA > Right click > Export for edit the file “datasource_name.xml”

Add the datasource as below:

<type name=”essbase”>
<dataSource srv=”servername:1423″ url=”” app=”sample” cube=”basic” form=”” />

Step 3: Save the file.

Step 4: Log into Shared Services > Choose Application group->Foundation->Deployment Metadata->Shared Services Registry->Essbase-> And locate APS LWA > Right click > Import after edit. (Import the edited startsource_name.xml file)

Step 5: Add the Essbase server in SmartView – Able to add now.


Issue – Connecting to SmartView and Getting “Common Provider null datasource error”

Solution – When using a Smart View client to connect to Essbase Server with a Provider Services environment via private connection, error “Common Provider null datasource error” occurs. Reason is due to Incompatible version of Essbase/APS with SmartView.  Both Essbase and Provider Services must be at least or greater.


Issue– Smart View Unable to Connect Essbase 11.1.2.x After Reconfiguring the Agent to Run on a Different Port

Solution – Essbase reconfigured to run on a different port, 1523, rather than the default port, 1423.  When trying to connect to existing connections, the following error is returned:

Cannot connect to Essbase Server at “xxxxxx”. Network error [10061]: Unable to connect to [xzxxxx:1423]. The client timed out waiting to connect to Essbase Agent using TCP/IP. Check your network connections. Also make sure tha server and port values are correct. Do you want to connect with username/password.

This will be due to Reconfigured Essbase to run on a port other than the default port. When Essbase is configured to run on a port other than the default port of 1423, clients connecting to Essbase need to include the port number in the connection string.  For example:  servername:portnumber.

If connections already exist in Smart View, Shared or Private, they can be removed and new connections added.  If connections are needed to connect to both, do not delete the existing ones:
1.  In the Smart View panel, click on Shared Connections.
2.  When prompted, enter the user id and password to connect to the Data Source.
3.  In the Select Server drop down, select the “Oracle Essbase” server.  This will list previously defined servers.
4.  Add a new Essbase server with the new port number, servername:portnumber:


Issue – POV:{} Function Does Not Display POV Members in Header and Footer of Excel 2010 in Print Preview Window

Solution – Printing POV members in Header and Footer using the “POV:{}” function does not display the worksheet’s POV in the header/footer sections of Excel 2010 in Print Preview window.Once the sheet is printed, it will display the proper POV in Excel 2010. After printing, it also inserts the POV properly in the header/footer for the Print Preview.







3 thoughts on “Smartview Common issues – Master blog Part-1

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  2. Hi, The POV is automatically being added to my SmartView connected Excel 2013 file. How do I permanently remove it so it’s not there when I print my final finished report?


    • Hi Jennifer ,

      Are you using HFM? Essbase? What version of Hyperion and what version of Smart View are you using?



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